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Rhodesian Ridgebacks

Rhodesian Ridgebacks
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Compiled by Ann Woodrow


Published by the author in 1986
Soft-cover (177 pages)
Brand new condition



The 'Rhodesian Ridgeback' has been written both as a guide to novice owners and as a reference book for those more deeply involved.  To this end it is a general view of the breed.

Table of Contents:

1.   The Rhodesian Ridgeback - Hound of Africa (Mary Williams). The Enigma of the Pho Quoc Connection

2.   The Rhodesian Ridgeback (Alex Dixon)

3.   Living Together

4.   Buying a Puppy

5.   Liver Nosed Ridgebacks

6.   The Ridgeback in Great Britain

7.   The Rhodesian Ridgeback Standard

8.   Breeding

9.   Suku's Diary (Expurgated Version)

10.  So Dog Shows Have a Use?  (Elizabeth Webster)

11.  Obedience, Agility, Work and Versatility (Margaret Southall, Ken Wright, Linda Elliott)

12.  Feeding

13.  Feeding Your Ridgeback - Diets

14.  The Dermoid Sinus (David D. Unwin)

15.  Caring for the Older Dog (Gel M. Adsett)

16.  Ridgeback Maintenance



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