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Juliette Cunliffe 
All colour photographs on good quality paper.
German in name and French in origin, the Lowchen is a quickwitted, confident, charming "clown" with a happy temperament that endears him to all. Though small in size, he is truly leonine in heart and appearance! The distinct lion trim in which his coat is kept, with full mane and fringed tail, distinguish him from his Bichon family relatives and make him an impressive sight in the show ring. Effectively 'saved from extinction' following the Second World War, and only known in the UK and America since the latter part of the 20th century, the Lowchen has a following of ardent admirers who are dedicated to the breed's preservation.
Table of Contents:
1. History of the Lowchen
2. Characteristics of the Lowchen
3. Breed Standard for the Lowchen
4. Your Puppy Lowchen
5. Everyday Care of your Lowchen
6. Training your Lowchen
7. Health Care of Your Lowchen
8. Showing Your Lowchen
Hardcover (157 pages)
Interpet Rare Breed Series, UK, 2001
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