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Therapy Dogs : Training Your Dog to Reach Others

Therapy Dogs : Training Your Dog to Reach Others
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Therapy Dogs :  Training Your Dog to Reach Others
Kathy Diamond Davis
Just when it seemed that there were not many useful new roles a dog could fill in our society, those who worked with the elderly, the handicapped and the mentally disadvantaged began to witness a quiet miracle. They discovwered that the presence of a dog could open a door to an autistic child, could rekindle log forgotten memories in the minds of the aging and could provide bridges of love and trust for those who suffered from fear and isolation due to physical or mental illness.
Here is everything you need to train your dog and to develop it to work in a facility as a kind presence. 
Table of Contents:
1. Benefits Therapy Dogs Provide
2. What Kind of Dog?
3. Visits as a Group
4. Visits with One Dog
5. Conditioning the Dog to Handling
6. Basic Control
7. Social Skills
8. Extra Control Work
9. The Handler's Job
Hardcover (212 pages), 
Howell, 1992
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