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Dogwatching: The Essential Guide to Dog Behaviour

Desmond Morris 

What is it about canine personality which has singled this animal out from all the 4,236 species of non-human mammals to be man’s closest companion? The solemn contract that was drawn up between us is over 10,000 years old. Although it began because wolves and early man both lived in ‘packs, which involved us in a firm relationship concerning mutual survival, hunting and defence of property, the bond was so strong that the loss of the canine element in human family life could not be contemplated, even with the spread of urbanization. Working dog became pet dog, and greatly speeded up breeding programmes during the past few hundred years alone have produced the extraordinary range which finds the St Bernard weighing 300 times more than the Yorkshire Terrier. Strangely enough, all dogs, from scruffy mongrels to haughty show champs, are members of the same species –that of the wolf.

In DOGWATCHING zoologist Desmond Morris gives answers to fascinating fundamental questions about our canine comparisons –questions so often overlooked by standard  dog books which concentrate on grooming, feeding and veterinary care. He clears up many a misconception and half-truth about these animals who give us a curious place in their own packs, join in with ours, and try so valiantly to comprehend or wishes, whether expressed in Polish, Japanese or Woodhouse English. It is a book for dog-lovers everywhere, one which will lead to an even deeper bond of understanding and an insight into such remarkable and delightful creatures.

  • Why do dogs bark?
  • Why does a frightened dog put its tail between its legs?
  • Why do puppies chew slippers?
  • Why does a dog bury a bone?
  • Why does a Pointer point?
  • Why do we cure a hangover with the ‘hair of the dog’?
  • Do dogs have a sixth sense?
  • Why do some dogs chase their own tail?

Hardback (with dustjacket) –  105 pages

UK 1986

Very good condition


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