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Dogs of Australia

Dogs of Australia
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 Dogs of Australia

An Official Publication of the Kennel Control Council, Victoria


The Kennel Control Council (Victoria) with the assistance of various canine experts, has produced a study of Australia’s own native dogs.


This book represents a collective effort to present the early history and development of Australian breeds, plus some material on our adopted working dog, the Border Collie.   In all, the breeds dealt with are –


  1. The Australian Cattle Dog
  2. The Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog
  3. The Australian Kelpie
  4. The Border Collie
  5. The Australian Terrier
  6. The Australian Silky Terrier
  7. The Australian Shepherd
  8. The Kangaroo Hound
  9. The Dingo


Much research has been undertaken and, so far as it can accurately be traced, the early history of each breed is set out, with particular reference to the interesting crosses introduced to produce the various characteristics now found in each.


Recognised experts have been asked to write a chapter on how to go about judging each of the six principal breeds.


Hardcover (with dustjacket) – 112 pages

Australia, 1984

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